newseum in washington dc

newseum in washington, dc

I am a big fan of the Newseum and I’ve already covered it in a site report here (and it was the inspiration for this blog post on gracefully ending an event), but I recently visited the museum as a regular person (aka not in an events capacity at all – you might call this a tourist) and I thought I would share some photos of spaces that are also available for rent, but I haven’t personally used yet.

As I’ve mentioned previously, one of the big draws for the Newseum is its view of the US Capitol. The museums have multiple terraces, including one attached to the Knight Conference Center on the 7th floor (mentioned here) but there is also a terrace on the 6th floor outside of Today’s Front Pages Gallery – that’s exactly what it sounds like, a gallery of front pages from around the nation and world updated daily. Here are some photos of the view:

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top of the town in arlington, va

top of the town meeting & event venue in arlington, va

If you want a good view of a skyline, sometimes you have to be outside of the city to see it. That’s what my husband always says about New York City – why live in the city when you can live in Hoboken, New Jersey and have a view OF the city?

The same goes for Washington, DC. Sure, there are some awesome views of the Capitol from within city limits (such as the Newseum or the Library of Congress), but to be able to see more of the city, you need to go across the river to Arlington, VA. There are a few venues in Arlington (and Alexandria) which boast a view of the DC skyline. I am going to be using one of these venues for a holiday party in December – Top of the Town.

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the powerhouse in washington, dc

The Powerhouse special events venue in Georgetown, Washington, DC

In looking for venues for a holiday party, I came across a relatively new venue in Georgetown – The Powerhouse. The Powerhouse is a historic warehouse-y type building in a great location. We didn’t end up selecting the venue for this event, but I hope to be able to use it in the future, as there was a lot that I liked about it.

The venue’s location is either a benefit or a drawback, depending on how you look at it. It’s located in Georgetown, which is a swanky area that lots of people want to be – except that it isn’t easily accessible. There’s no metro nearby and parking is a pain in the you-know-what. The Powerhouse is located behind Dean and Deluca’s. If you are coming from M Street (the main drag in Georgetown), it’s easily accessible via footbridge. But the building is also located on an extremely narrow street that has zero parking and would be tricky for buses to navigate.

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loews madison hotel washington dc

loews madison hotel in washington dc

The Loews Madison has been around for a while – just not always as a Loews. The hotel opened in 1963 and for many years was managed by Loews, but then was sold, and sold again and now it’s a Loews, referred to as the Loews Madison Hotel. We recently did an event in the ballroom. I was covering this event for a colleague, so I hadn’t done the initial site visit, but I was pleasantly surprised by the space.


The Loews Madison is in a great location in downtown DC. It’s relatively centrally located. I actually drove over and had never been there before and missed the valet parking – you actually pull into the parking garage (as opposed to other area hotels where the valet takes your car from in front of the hotel).

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the flying bridge in washington, dc

The Flying Bridge Event Venue in Washington DC

I recently had the chance to do a site visit at a unique venue in Washington, DC – the Flying Bridge. It’s a rooftop location with a stunning view of the Capitol, complete with an all-weather tent that makes it a viable option all year round.

The Flying Bridge is located on the roof (literally) of an office building a few blocks away from Union Station. You do have to use the same elevator banks as the rest of the office building to access the space – although they can work around the security procedures if your event is off-hours.

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sneak peak – library of congress

library of congress in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

It’s been pretty busy over here lately, not least of all because of an exciting event I’m working on at a pretty exciting place – the Library of Congress. I am going to get to cross an item off of my event planner bucket list with this one, as the library is an absolutely amazing place and it is so exciting to host an event there!

Here are a few photos of the beautiful historic Jefferson Building. This is what most people think of when discussing the Library of Congress, but there are actually two other buildings on the campus that together comprise the library.

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the willard intercontinental

willard intercontinental in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

Washington DC is one of those places that is constantly changing, yet some places are still cherished for their history. The Willard InterContinental Hotel is one such place. The Willard is so full of history that you’d be hard pressed to find someone in DC who hasn’t been there – whether to stay in one of their beautiful guest rooms, attend an event in the magnificent banquet halls, or even just have a drink in the Round Robin Scotch Bar (which is how I first discovered the Willard years ago when I first started visiting DC on work trips, long before I moved here).

The building of the Willard was built in 1901, but a hotel had been on the site for nearly 100 years prior. Due to its Pennsylvania Avenue address, located only steps from the White House, the Willard has hosted scores of famous, important types over the years, including nearly every president since the 1850s. The hotel was closed in 1968 and reopened in the late 1980s after a lengthy restoration and joining the InterContinental family.

We were considering the Willard for a 200+ person event in the fall so I headed over to do a quick site visit. I didn’t get a chance to peek at the sleeping rooms (although I’ve stayed there and they are wonderful) or even all of the meeting space (there is over 20,000 square feet), but I did get a chance to tour the lower level, which has the Ballroom and several smaller rooms and board rooms.

The ballroom is spectacular. I don’t usually gush this much over space, but this is one heckuva windowless ballroom. See for yourself:

willard intercontinental in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

The ballroom is 4,700 square feet and would hold 450 theatre style.

Even the lobby is lovely:

willard intercontinental in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

And the foyer:

willard intercontinental in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

The Buchanan Room, 1,100 square feet and capacity for 90 theatre style:

willard intercontinental in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

The Pierce Room, 1,900 square feet and capacity for 220 theatre style:

willard intercontinental in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

Even the board rooms (Fillmore, Taylor & Garfield) were lovely.

willard intercontinental in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

willard intercontinental in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

willard intercontinental in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

I love that each of the rooms have a slightly different character – so nice to see in ballroom level spaces!

This space just scratches the surface of what the Willard has to offer.

Of course the Willard is famous for its service, it is definitely an upscale, luxury hotel. And for that, you pay the price. But for the space it has to offer (and the amazing location), it is able to command those prices. And while it does a good amount of meeting and event business, it also is one of the top spots for DC society weddings – *swoon*.

Next time you’re in DC, if you haven’t stopped by the Willard yet, make sure you do so! Even if nothing else but to step into this amazing lobby:

willard intercontinental in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

Have you hosted or attended a meeting or event at the Willard? What did you think?