super bowl party ideas

super bowl party ideas

The Super Bowl is one of the most oft-hosted parties at home. Some people love to watch the big game at a sports bar, but plenty more get together with friends and family and watch the big game huddled around the big TV. It’s also one of those parties where some people will just not care at all about the details (read: men and hardcore female football fans), especially if the game doesn’t go your way.

The interwebs are full of fun and cutesy ideas for Super Bowl parties. But before you spend all week googling “chevron + football” and try to make burlap referee stripes happen, consider your guests. If your guests are predominantly male and/or actually care about the game, feel free to scale back, because no one will notice your fun details. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything, just add one or two fun details, not a full-scale themed affair. Now, if you are hosting a lot of non-football fans (um, who’s playing again?), feel free to add more fun details, perhaps even some extra-game entertainment.

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friday favorites – best event ideas of the week

This week for my Friday Favorites, I wanted to showcase my favorite ideas from The Special Event conference last week in Nashville. TSE had two tabletop competitions. While TSE had it’s own judging, I wanted to share my top picks as well.

#5 – Sherlock Holmes Centerpiece

Sherlock Holmes centerpiece

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winter white tablescape inspiration

My husband and I moved to a new house a few weeks ago, and instead of living in the DC suburbs, just barely inside the Beltway, we now live in what DC folks call ‘the country’ – about an hour or so west of DC, closer to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Any of you who actually live in ‘the country’ have permission to laugh at the characterization of an hour west of DC as the country. One major difference between our former apartment and our current house is the weather. We now live just far enough away for slightly colder weather and more snow! So while my friends in DC have barely a dusting, we have about 3-4 inches already! This is the view from our front door:

let it snow!

So since I am surrounded by white, I felt inspired to write about winter white tablescapes. Whether you are looking to plan a winter wedding or a winter dinner, or are just looking to add a bit of winter flair to your next dinner party, here are some ideas I love:

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thanksgiving table ideas

thanksgiving table ideas

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Just like Christmas, it is deeply personal. Each family celebrates differently, has different traditions. When I first started spending Thanksgiving with my now husband’s family, I was appalled that they didn’t serve mashed potatoes or have traditional rolls – two staples of Thanksgiving in my family (can you tell we love carbs?). Alternatively, I think my husband was surprised by some of the dishes we didn’t offer that he had grown up with.

My husband and I are about to move into our first house and I am sure we will soon start our own traditions once we host Thanksgiving for our families. We aren’t able to host this year as we won’t be fully moved into our house yet, but I still wanted to share some fun ideas for Thanksgiving tables.  The key for something like Thanksgiving (or Christmas) is to not go too crazy. Choose one element rather than many. There are often so many dishes on the table that all of your hard work can get lost. Perhaps select just a single centerpiece, or just a fun placecard or napkin.

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spooky, elegant halloween themed tables for weddings and events

elegant spooky halloween table

Some people really love Halloween. For me it usually depends on when the holiday falls – Friday night? OK I’ll play along. Wednesday night? Nah . Also, my husband and I still live in an apartment (although not for long – our house should be ready for us to move in in November!) and there just aren’t as many trick or treaters who go door to door in a huge apartment complex, so I don’t even have that aspect of halloween to look forward to!

But for those who really love Halloween and are planning an October wedding (or perhaps just a fancy dinner party or masquerade ball), you can really go all out with the Halloween theme. This theme usually manifests in the super kitschy (or uber Twilight-esque) but it doesn’t have to be! I think if I were to host something Halloween-ish, I would go for the more elegant but still spooky, haunted mansion type of decor. This means playing with the lighting, going for dramatic colors (not necessarily orange and black!), and more of a Victorian, old-fashioned feel. Here are some ideas – no fake spiderwebs necessary!

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