giveaway: win a pair of stiloguard heel protectors

giveaway: stiloguard heel protectors via Amanda Jayne's Event Blog

Do you wear stilettos? Have you ever tried to wear stilettos on grass or sand? Do you know what happens? You sink in! You can get grass or mud on your shoes, even ruining them! Worse still, you can potentially twist your ankle or otherwise hurt yourself. Stiloguard solves that problem – you just pop them on your heels and you are good to go!

This video sums it up:

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the shoe problem

the shoe problem for event planners

Event planners spend a lot of time on their feet. Not as much as mail carriers or nurses, but more than most office employees. You would think that most event planners were smart enough to wear comfortable shoes.

Here’s the catch – event planners are (now this is a gross generalization) overall a pretty stylish bunch. Seriously – when I spend time with event planners en masse, I’m always impressed with how put together we all look. And my team is particularly stylish. But I suppose that makes sense – if our events are well designed, so should our outfits.

And let’s be honest – comfortable shoes are usually not very cute.

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