loews madison hotel washington dc

loews madison hotel in washington dc

The Loews Madison has been around for a while – just not always as a Loews. The hotel opened in 1963 and for many years was managed by Loews, but then was sold, and sold again and now it’s a Loews, referred to as the Loews Madison Hotel. We recently did an event in the ballroom. I was covering this event for a colleague, so I hadn’t done the initial site visit, but I was pleasantly surprised by the space.


The Loews Madison is in a great location in downtown DC. It’s relatively centrally located. I actually drove over and had never been there before and missed the valet parking – you actually pull into the parking garage (as opposed to other area hotels where the valet takes your car from in front of the hotel).

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the skirvin hilton in oklahoma city – an update

hilton skirvin | amanda jayne events blog

I recently lived at for a week hosted a meeting at the Skirvin Hilton in Oklahoma City. I had been there for a site visit in July and now after getting much more intimately acquainted with the property, I wanted to share my thoughts.

To begin, let me just say that our meeting was a small conference with about 45 participants. The hotel was one of several properties in a room block for a much larger conference (750 participants) in the days immediately following our event, with some overlap, and they hosted a few events on site as well. We knew this going into the meeting, and we positioned our event where we did because many of our attendees (about half) were also attending the larger conference. If you are a regular reader of my blog (thank you!) you may surmise that this situation was what prompted me to write When your meeting is a small fish in a big pond.

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