friday favorites – best event ideas of the week

So the holidays are over and it’s time to get back to reality, but before we do that, why don’t we look at some fun event ideas I came across this week, shall we?

#5 – Dyed food to match your color scheme

Dyed food to match your color scheme

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are seating charts the next big thing for weddings?

wedding seating chart inspiration | amanda jayne events blog

My last wedding related posts was on escort cards (and if you don’t the difference between escort cards and place cards you should definitely read it!), but what if you want to forgo escort cards entirely? Before you accuse me of advocating open seating (otherwise known as wedding anarchy), have you considered a seating chart in lieu of escort cards?

Posted seating charts have been around for a while but they seem to be gaining popularity, which I attribute to Pinterest brides-to-be for having such great examples floating around the interweb.

There are a few benefits of a seating chart rather than individual escort cards. The seating chart can be completely organized (written out, printed, etc.) prior to the wedding day, meaning less set up on the big day. Guests don’t have to carry anything to their seat. Depending on how your organize it, it may be easier for guests to find out the others at their table.

The drawbacks are that you don’t physically give something to your guests to remind them of their table and you need to rely on their memory. And depending on how you organize it, it may be more difficult for guests to find their name (if you have it organized by table rather than alphabetically).

Honestly though, I think the two options are pretty comparable and you should use whichever you prefer. I think seating charts are having a moment right now because they are perceived to be more creative, but the options for both escort cards and seating charts are limitless. The window panes and chalk board versions of seating charts are particularly popular, but so are rustic weddings in general, and both of these complement that style well.

Here are some examples of well-executed seating charts:

The Pinterest darling – the windowpane seating chart. This one is consistently popular (although random windowpanes aren’t just lying around where I’m from), both rustic and a bit whimsical. Requires good handwriting (as do most DIY escort card solutions).  Photo via Style Me Pretty:

wedding seating chart inspiration | amanda jayne events blog

The chalkboard seating chart – the quirky cousin of the windowpane seating chart. Is chalkboard paint still a thing? I definitely thought this trend would have died down a bit. In fact, I once rolled my eyes at something chalkboard-painted and told my husband that I thought the whole chalkboard paint thing was overdone. Then I did my first chalkboard paint craft and I’ve never heard the end of it – lesson learned, don’t make offhand comments when you have a husband who actually listens to you. But anyway – I think these can be very cute – again, watch the handwriting and be careful – you don’t want a guest to accidentally wipe out half of your tables by brushing up against it.  Photo via Something Blue Bridal Boutique:

wedding seating chart inspiration | amanda jayne events blog

For the more simple, elegant yet understated look, I love this gold framed chart. The numbers are unique and the font is fun but still legible (make sure the font coordinates with other fonts you’re using such as for your menu, etc.). Photo by Edyta Photography via 100 Layer Cake:

wedding seating chart inspiration | amanda jayne events blog

There are lots of printable seating charts if you want a bit more design to your chart. I definitely recommend Etsy (expect a blog post in the next few weeks on why Etsy is so great for weddings). There are lots of graphic designers who have beautiful designed materials for very affordable prices – often you can just download the file and print on your own. This particular design is by Etsy seller He Saw Sparks:

wedding seating chart inspiration | amanda jayne events blog

Finally – to mix it up a bit, I love these two very different takes on the same idea: individually framed table lists. The first one is a more sophisticated, elegant look for a more formal wedding. The second takes the look and gives it a rustic, country twist.  You can drastically change how this looks by choosing different kinds of frames and background. This is a great way to incorporate wedding colors as well.

Photo by Sweet Little Photographs:

wedding seating chart inspiration | amanda jayne events blog

Photo by Anna Page Photography via Style Me Pretty:

What are your thoughts? Are seating charts here to stay or just a passing trend?

Top photo by Lavender & Twine via Heart Love Weddings