giveaway: win a pair of stiloguard heel protectors

giveaway: stiloguard heel protectors via Amanda Jayne's Event Blog

Do you wear stilettos? Have you ever tried to wear stilettos on grass or sand? Do you know what happens? You sink in! You can get grass or mud on your shoes, even ruining them! Worse still, you can potentially twist your ankle or otherwise hurt yourself. Stiloguard solves that problem – you just pop them on your heels and you are good to go!

This video sums it up:

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friday favorites – best GIFT ideas of the week

So I decided to change things up and use my Friday Favorites to share five fabulous gift ideas. I am really struggling this Christmas season. Even though I’ve watched the Muppet Christmas Carol, which is my favorite Christmas movie and is always sure to get me in the holiday spirit, I’m just so behind because of buying a new house (#firstworldproblems – I know). I have only a handful of presents and no idea what I’m buying yet for some people. So I’ve been scouring the interwebs to find inspiration and there are a zillion gift guides but I figured I’d add one more! So I present a gift guide for entertainers. While this blog is primarily about event planning, I also hope it provides inspiration for entertaining at home. Here are my top five gift ideas for anyone who loves to entertain.

As someone who entertains a fair amount, I often get a lot of more typical gifts – serving pieces, tea towels, etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with those – I love serving dishes! I really do! But these options are a bit more… unique.

#5 – Corkers

gift guide for entertainers and hostesses

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fun and clever gift wrap ideas

holiday gift wrap ideas

We have a snow day here in the DC area. Lots of people are using this time to catch up on Christmas stuff – in fact, I spoke to my mother this morning and she said she was going to spend the day wrapping presents. I can’t do that because I haven’t bought any presents – in fact, I am behind on just about every aspect of Christmas. I haven’t even thought about which gifts I’m buying, let alone actually buying them. This is out of character for me – I’m usually pretty organized by now. But that’s what having a new house will do to you, right?

Well maybe it’s because I don’t have any gifts to wrap yet but I wanted to share some ideas for nontraditional wrapping. There is nothing wrong with traditional Christmas wrapping paper and a bow, but if you want to do something a little different, here are some fun ideas:

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gift ideas for your event planner friends

With the holidays right around the corner, I’m sure you are all thinking about what you can get that special event planner in your life, right? I know there are tons of “gift guides” that come out this time of year – gift guides for moms, dads, husbands, wives, aunts, co-workers, neighbors, secret santa recipients you don’t even know, etc. I couldn’t find a good list for event planners so I decided to make my own. Below are some ideas that any event planner (or meeting planner, or wedding planner) would love to receive:


gifts for your event planner friends - blazer

Every event planner I know loves a good blazer. I love a good blazer. It’s rare for me to work an event without a blazer of some kind. I’m even wearing a super-cute blazer right now. Blazers have multiple pockets (great for phones, walkie talkies, room keys, etc.), and look great with almost any outfit – from dresses or pencil skirts, to jeans (I love jeans and a blazer – although I hate wearing jeans, weird, right?). I do like this one from Ann Taylor.

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etsy for wedding ideas & inspiration

etsy wedding ideas | amanda jayne events blog

One of my favorite resources for weddings (even  more than Pinterest!) is Etsy. I discovered Etsy (an online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods) while planning my own wedding a few years ago. I found it to be a treasure-trove of wedding related ideas that were either hard to find (where do you actually BUY those ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ chair signs?) or really expensive elsewhere (try buying a headpiece at the salon where you bought your dress!). Plus, most of the Etsy stores are small businesses and I love supporting small businesses wherever I can (being a small business myself).

I thought I’d put together a quick list of some items that can be purchased through Etsy. This list is definitely not exhaustive and I’m only including one vendor for each category, but a simple search yields hundreds (if not thousands) of results for most of these categories.


This is the one thing I think brides still don’t think of Etsy for, but I purchased almost all of my wedding jewelry from various Etsy stores, and I didn’t pay more than $45 for any particular piece. The jewelry store I am featuring here is where I bought my earrings. A few months ago I was in the process of cleaning and accidentally knocked one of the earrings under a floorboard and couldn’t retrieve it. It looked like she wasn’t selling the same pair anymore, but I contacted the seller and she was able to send me another pair. That’s one of things I love about Etsy – you’re working with actual people! Etsy seller: Something Jeweled.

etsy wedding ideas | amanda jayne events blog

Guest Books:

I don’t actually know where else to find as creative guest book ideas as you can find on Etsy and there are all different price ranges. From puzzles, to thumb print trees, to wine bottles, to actual BOOKS (if you want to go that route) the possibilities are endless. Read my post on unique guest book ideas, which features several Etsy products. I love this map idea, from HereAndThereShop.

etsy wedding ideas | amanda jayne events blog


I didn’t actually get my bridesmaid gifts (nor did my husband get his groomsmen gifts) on Etsy, but it was great for ideas. For example, if mason jars are your thing, you might be inclined to purchase these for your groomsmen, from UrbanFarmhouseTampa.

etsy wedding ideas | amanda jayne events blog

Card Holders:

I’m including this because they can be difficult to find. You can often rent them from your florist or DIY them, but there are plenty of cute, affordable options, such as this suitcase card holder from SgtPeppersHeartsClub.

etsy wedding ideas | amanda jayne events blog

Favor Tags:

You can also find favors of all kinds on Etsy, but I needed favor tags and I didn’t have time to design and print them myself. There are lots of different options and designs. I like these from MoreAndMoreOriginals:

etsy wedding ideas | amanda jayne events blog

What have you purchased on Etsy for your wedding or event?

Top photo – Lace Just Married Sign by RusticBeachChic