super bowl party ideas

super bowl party ideas

The Super Bowl is one of the most oft-hosted parties at home. Some people love to watch the big game at a sports bar, but plenty more get together with friends and family and watch the big game huddled around the big TV. It’s also one of those parties where some people will just not care at all about the details (read: men and hardcore female football fans), especially if the game doesn’t go your way.

The interwebs are full of fun and cutesy ideas for Super Bowl parties. But before you spend all week googling “chevron + football” and try to make burlap referee stripes happen, consider your guests. If your guests are predominantly male and/or actually care about the game, feel free to scale back, because no one will notice your fun details. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything, just add one or two fun details, not a full-scale themed affair. Now, if you are hosting a lot of non-football fans (um, who’s playing again?), feel free to add more fun details, perhaps even some extra-game entertainment.

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if I planned Kate Middleton’s baby shower…

baby showers | amanda jayne events blog

Since everyone is royal baby crazy, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ideas for baby showers, which have come a long way from pink or blue everything and a half-hearted attempt at a diaper cake.

Now I’m not a mother and I have some time before I plan on becoming one, but I have told my team that between all of their event expertise and creativity, I expect the BEST office baby shower ever. Hint hint, ladies! But no seriously, there’s plenty of time for that down the road.

On to the inspiration!

I love bride and groom chair signs at weddings, but this Mama-to-be sign seems even more appropriate. Obviously the lady needs to get off her feet! photo via The Party Dress:

baby showers | amanda jayne events blog

I personally think the “Keep Calm and…” is a little played out, but here it kind of works for me for a baby shower theme. Photo via Hostess With The Mostess.

baby showers | amanda jayne events blog

This is a pretty clever baby shower invitation without being gross or creepy (there is some weird stuff out there). Printable by HWTM on Etsy.

baby showers | amanda jayne events blog

While the above is appropriate for the summer, this would be better for the winter. Very cute hot chocolate bar, with a baby shower twist. Photo via Hostess with the Mostess.

baby showers | amanda jayne events blog

Finally this is honestly, seriously an idea I would want when the day comes: a children’s book themed shower. I LOVE books (spent 6 years working at the local library when I was younger) and I love the idea of starting a library of books for a baby. Great idea! Photo via Pizzazzerie.

baby showers | amanda jayne events blog

What are your ideas for a baby shower?

Top photo via How Does She