do you love fondue as much as i do?

how to have fondue at your next party - recipes included!

Like most normal people, I love fondue. I especially love cheese fondue and chocolate fondue – which is interesting because I don’t normally LOVE cheese or chocolate (I know – I’m strange). But both cheese and chocolate fondue are the best possibly forms of themselves – I love delicious, hot, melty cheese and the same goes for lovely, flavorful, melted chocolate. Chocolate fountains were all the rage for a while but they tend to be messy. Restaurants like The Melting Pot are usually pretty popular, despite the high price tag (every time the local one runs a Groupon deal they sell out almost immediately!). So whether you think fondues are stuck in the 70s or are a reemerging trend, or somewhere in between, why not try fondue at your next dinner party? Here are a few suggestions to make sure your fondue doesn’t turn into a fon-don’t (eye roll!).

To start, I recommend only doing either cheese fondue or chocolate fondue. You can certainly have an entire fondue meal and cook meat and vegetables in a broth (which is the main course at fondue restaurants like The Melting Pot). I might try this with just my husband and I, but I’m not about to try that with other guests. You never want people eating undercooked meats and getting sick, so I think I might leave that up to the professionals.

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