weddings at the bridgeview yacht club – long island, ny

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I’m a Long Island girl. It’s often a surprise to my colleagues because I have no accent (I survived growing up on Long Island without one!). Plus I haven’t lived on Long Island since I graduated high school. But I still have a special place in my heart for the island – and I like to keep up with wedding venues and locations.

I wanted to share some beautiful photos from recent weddings at the Bridgeview Yacht Club. The venue is in Island Park, on the south shore of Nassau County, only a town or two over from where I grew up. It’s a gorgeous venue, right on the water and very popular with brides (plus sweet sixteens and other events). In fall 2012, Island Park (and most of southern Long Island) were hit really hard by Superstorm Sandy. The Bridgeview Yacht Club was not spared, but as you can tell from these photos, it has rebounded beautifully.

weddings at the bridgeview yacht club, long island, ny

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michael & melissa’s georgia garden wedding

mike & melissa's georgia garden wedding

Michael and Melissa were married in Decatur, Georgia on September 28, 2013, near where they both grew up. The fall wedding was full of personal details. Since the bride and groom both live in Washington, DC, they relied on their friends and family to help, and the result was a wedding that was sweet, poignant, and full of personal details. The ceremony was held at the same church where the groom’s parents were married. The reception venue, the Cator Woolford Gardens in Atlanta, was a beautiful backdrop for the start of this couple’s married life.

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friday favorites – best event ideas of the week

I’ve decided to start a new feature on the blog called Friday Favorites. I often run into great ideas that I want to save for later or find something inspiring that doesn’t necessitate its own entire blog post. I thought I might start compiling my top five ideas of the week that I’ve found from other sources.

#5 – Toile chair ties

toile chair ties

First of all, I love toile. LOVE IT. I basically think it is the best motif of all time, and if my husband would let me, I would use it all over our house. But while I was drawn to this chair tie because it’s toile, you can really do this with any fabric. If there is a fabric or a print (or a solid color!) that can be brought into the décor, this is a less formal way to do it than using it as a linen or a chair cover. This idea comes from Burnett’s Boards (it was a vintage French wedding inspired shoot). In this context it definitely makes sense as chair ties over a linen since the china were patterned as well. I also love that they don’t make bows, just ties.

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unique cake toppers

unique wedding cake toppers

To some brides (and grooms) the cake is one of the most important parts of the wedding. Not so much for me. I don’t really like cake. I know, I know. I think it’s because there is a lot of bad cake out there that’s just dry and gross. I like really GOOD cake, but even then, it’s not something I gravitate toward. I already admitted on this blog that I really wanted to do a cupcake tower instead of cake, but my husband said it was too non-traditional.

So since the cake wasn’t that important to me (although it was absolutely delicious – we had cannoli filling – which is a must for New Jersey weddings); I didn’t fret over a cake topper. In fact, we just used flowers.

However, I know that many brides really put a lot of thought into the cake topper. The wedding I coordinated this weekend had an absolutely adorable love bird cake topper. I didn’t snap a photo, but I think this is pretty similar, available from Etsy seller Suebeehb:

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wear whatever you want on your wedding day

vera wang pink wedding dress

The interwebs exploded this week with commentary over Vera Wang’s show during bridal fashion week because of the (gasp) pink dresses. And to be clear, when I say the interwebs exploded, I mean the subniche of bridal bloggers – although it was a big enough of a deal to show up on Good Morning America yesterday. Now everyone is declaring pink dresses to be the next big thing, bloggers and commentators are declaring the end of traditional white gowns, and along with everything else that is right and sacred.

Now I generally don’t cover wedding gowns and fashion in this blog. I think that wedding gowns are one of the most personal aspects of wedding planning and it’s not my place to talk about trends in this space. Plus, this is an event planning blog which includes weddings among lots of other events, not just a wedding blog. And since we don’t talk about attire at other events (except for my longing for cute and comfortable shoes for events I’m directing), it just didn’t seem fair to discuss gowns.

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(mis) matchy matchy seating for weddings, events and even conferences

mismatched seating

Mismatched seating is all the rage right now for weddings – it’s part of the rustic motif. Everyone wants their wedding to look like an elegantly styled barn fete. But while I like the mismatched seating look for aesthetic reasons (I hate anything to matchy matchy – as they used to say), I love it for another reason: it gives your guests choices. And giving your guests a choice isn’t just great for weddings – it’s great for all events.

Some people love to sit in lounge furniture. Some people love high top cocktail tables and chairs. Some people like standard banquet chairs or chiavari chairs. Some people like chairs with arms. Other people prefer armless.  By having different options, you create different experiences for your guests.

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wedding tipping guidelines

wedding tipping guide

The number one question I get asked as a wedding and event planner is about tipping – my brides always ask, my friends getting married always ask. Despite all of the resources available to help plan a wedding, tipping – especially the who and how much – makes people anxious. I thought that I would put together my own guidelines.

Before I get into the who and how much, a few rules to remember:

Tipping should be for outstanding service. Yes, there are vendors who expect it, but I think that if you expect to be tipped, you should just build it into your prices or put mandatory gratuity in your contract (as many limo and catering companies do).

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