weddings at the bridgeview yacht club – long island, ny

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I’m a Long Island girl. It’s often a surprise to my colleagues because I have no accent (I survived growing up on Long Island without one!). Plus I haven’t lived on Long Island since I graduated high school. But I still have a special place in my heart for the island – and I like to keep up with wedding venues and locations.

I wanted to share some beautiful photos from recent weddings at the Bridgeview Yacht Club. The venue is in Island Park, on the south shore of Nassau County, only a town or two over from where I grew up. It’s a gorgeous venue, right on the water and very popular with brides (plus sweet sixteens and other events). In fall 2012, Island Park (and most of southern Long Island) were hit really hard by Superstorm Sandy. The Bridgeview Yacht Club was not spared, but as you can tell from these photos, it has rebounded beautifully.

weddings at the bridgeview yacht club, long island, ny

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office holiday party at top of the town

holiday party at top of the town in arlington, va

A few months ago I featured a site report on Top of the Town, just outside of Washington, DC. In December, we used Top of the Town for an office holiday party for about 150 people. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the venue and how the party worked out, as well as share some of the ideas we used for decor and the menu. We also had some entertainment for the evening, but I will feature that in a separate post.

I’ll start with a disclaimer – my photos are terrible. We didn’t have a professional photographer at this event so it was just me and my decent camera in poor lighting conditions during set-up. So, please forgive me!

The Venue

The selling point for Top of the Town is its view. It’s right outside DC (in the Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington) so it has magnificent views of DC and the monuments. It was actually a gray, rainy day on the night of the party, so I wasn’t able to take any good shots of the view but you can see some here. Luckily it cleared up enough by the time the party started that the guests were able to marvel at the view.

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DIY decor and details at fall festival

My colleague, Brie, planned this fabulous fall festival at the Brixton Restaurant in Washington, DC. The weather was perfect, so the group was able to take advantage of the rooftop. Brie did all of the decor herself (can we say glitter pumpkins!) and with some crafty volunteers, and designed a fun menu, including a DIY trail mix bar, a chili bar, and signature drinks.

fall festival DIY decor

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michael & melissa’s georgia garden wedding

mike & melissa's georgia garden wedding

Michael and Melissa were married in Decatur, Georgia on September 28, 2013, near where they both grew up. The fall wedding was full of personal details. Since the bride and groom both live in Washington, DC, they relied on their friends and family to help, and the result was a wedding that was sweet, poignant, and full of personal details. The ceremony was held at the same church where the groom’s parents were married. The reception venue, the Cator Woolford Gardens in Atlanta, was a beautiful backdrop for the start of this couple’s married life.

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sharing is caring – send me your wedding and event photos!

share your wedding photos!

This blog is a combination of event and wedding planning advice and inspiration. While I love compiling inspiring photos from around the interweb, I love original content more! What that means is real events – weddings, galas, showers, parties, etc. I really love to share these photos – that’s the best way to find new ideas, in my opinion. Plus it’s so much better when you know the story behind the photos!

If you would like to share your own wedding or event photos, please visit the submission guidelines page for more information!

Here is some recently shared real inspiration:

mike & bethany’s cape cod beach wedding

joe & amanda’s manor wedding

jenna & kenny’s romantic garden wedding

james & noel’s summer countryside wedding

I look forward to seeing your submissions!

mike & bethany’s cape cod beach wedding

mike & bethany's cape cod beach wedding | amanda jayne events blog

Mike and Bethany were married over Memorial Day weekend in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where the bride grew up. While the wedding itself wasn’t on the beach, the venue was a short drive from the sun and sand, and the couple took advantage of the location for photos and also incorporated lots of beach details into the décor – which proves that you can have a beach wedding without subjecting your guests to sand in their shoes! Growing up next to the ocean, Bethany wanted to include as many reminders of the sea in their wedding as possible. They chose the perfect location – both the ceremony and the reception were held at the Captain Linnell House, a mansion dating back to 1840, which was built by Captain Ebeneezer Linnell for his bride, and is full of small details that hint at its nautical past.

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diy rustic trail mix bar

DIY rustic trail mix bar | amanda jayne events blog

Everyone has been to a meeting or a conference and seen the ‘coffee break’ or ‘snack break’ agenda item and been excited, only to groan when it’s the same old cookies or granola bars with whole or sliced fruit (if you’re lucky). Well hotels and caterers are starting to respond by offering more themed breaks and more creative options. My colleague Brie took this one step further and created her own themed break during a day-long conference: a make-your-own trail mix bar.

DIY rustic trail mix bar | amanda jayne events blog

DIY rustic trail mix bar | amanda jayne events blog

DIY rustic trail mix bar | amanda jayne events blog

DIY rustic trail mix bar | amanda jayne events blog

DIY rustic trail mix bar | amanda jayne events blog

My favorite detail: I love the small details that make this trail mix bar pop – the burlap table runner, the wooden crates, and the cute font for the sign.

Steal this idea: Use what you have on hand! Some of the items were purchased for the bar, but others were recycled from other events, such as the birch tealight holders (which still looked great tealight-less in a flameless-office environment) which were leftover from last year’s holiday party.

How Brie was inspired:  “I was inspired by watching a webinar, which included how to provide healthier options for snack breaks during an event. I realized I wanted to do something that provided attendees with a little more optionality, while also being creative. While many catering companies and local food chains provide catered snack options, consisting of trail mix or easy-to-grab snacks, I wanted to find a better, cheaper way. After looking for some additional inspiration on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to go with a trail mix bar with a rustic flare. From seeing a variety of pictures at weddings, birthday parties, and festivals incorporating the same idea of a trail mix bar, that was all the inspiration I needed to recreate the same idea.”

 Brie’s favorite detail: “I was really excited about finding a font for the main signs and the labels for each food item in the trail mix bar. Since my theme was outdoorsy and rustic, I wanted to make sure that continued throughout, even down to the font.”

Great job, Brie! Thank you to Brie and Anna for the photos of this fabulous real inspiration!