friday favorites – best event ideas of the week

This week’s Friday Favorites has it all – children’s party themes, adult party favors, and a perennial favorite – the unique wedding cake. Let’s jump in!

#5 – Tilted bouquets

angled floral arrangement at the Grammys Foundation Concert

Whoever said that if you were putting a bouquet in water it had to stand straight up? This was from the Grammy Foundation Legacy Concert – and it anyone is going make up new rules, it’s the Grammys, am I right? I really love the visual interest, and the arrangements create a sense of movement (or a sense of tipping over). Definitely not appropriate for everybody – I don’t anticipate brides requesting centerpieces with angled bouquets anytime soon, but I appreciate that it’s different. Designed by Elite Productions International, Photo via BizBash.

#4 – Round place cards

round charger place cards

I love these round place cards that perfectly fit the base of the plate. It’s such a simple idea, but it’s elegant. You can do this with any color scheme or style. I also like that it keeps one more thing off of the table, which can get incredible cluttered. Photo by Best Photography via Every Last Detail.

#3 – Fruit & Cheese wedding cake

fruit and cheese wedding cake

I love unique, non-traditional wedding cakes. Or really anything that is supposed to resemble a wedding cake without being cake (See here, here and here), so even though I don’t love hard cheeses, I think this fruit and cheese cake is adorable! It’s perfect for cocktail hour.  Photo by Aneta Mak via Elizabeth Anne Designs.

#2 – Superhero Valentine’s Day

Superhero Valentine's Party for Children

I don’t know how many of you with children make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, but if you area throwing a party, I think this is a really cute idea. Especially as a gender-neutral party, but I could also see this as being a fun, empowering theme for girls too, if you were to focus on female super heroes (are there that many)? Don’t get me wrong, I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with little girls liking princesses either. I love the superhero theme overall, but check out Kara’s Party Ideas for great suggestions for decor, favors and activities. Photo by Michelle Kujawski Photography.

#1 – Tequila Escort Cards & Favors

Tequila escort cards and favors

Whether you drink tequila or not, this is a great idea. This was from a destination wedding in  Mexico, so it’s on theme, but you can work this into a wedding anywhere, if you really like tequila (or think your guests will). You could also do a different drink related to the location of the wedding. I mostly like this because everyone would be intrigued, if not excited, and everyone would be talking about it. It doubles as an ice breaker at the table – hey, remember the last time you did tequila shots? Just watch out for people opening them at the table and indulging! Photo via Brilliant Event Planning.

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