super bowl party ideas

super bowl party ideas

The Super Bowl is one of the most oft-hosted parties at home. Some people love to watch the big game at a sports bar, but plenty more get together with friends and family and watch the big game huddled around the big TV. It’s also one of those parties where some people will just not care at all about the details (read: men and hardcore female football fans), especially if the game doesn’t go your way.

The interwebs are full of fun and cutesy ideas for Super Bowl parties. But before you spend all week googling “chevron + football” and try to make burlap referee stripes happen, consider your guests. If your guests are predominantly male and/or actually care about the game, feel free to scale back, because no one will notice your fun details. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything, just add one or two fun details, not a full-scale themed affair. Now, if you are hosting a lot of non-football fans (um, who’s playing again?), feel free to add more fun details, perhaps even some extra-game entertainment.

Here are just a few ideas:

For a subtle nod at the game, while still being practical (eight layer dip is messy!), I love this football field tablecloth. You can easily DIY this – just get brown paper such as craft paper or even butcher paper, and use tape or markers to make the lines. Even better, at the end of the night you can just throw it away and don’t have to worry about washing out the stains!  Photo via Your Cozy Home:

super bowl party ideas

If you happen to have a chalkboard platter, you can recreate this cheese board with X’s and O’s to make it look like a football play. Bonus points for actually cutting the cheese slices to look like footballs. You could also just use craft paper  like in the above example, but use markers to do something similar to this. Very easy! Photo via For Rent:

super bowl party ideas

For a cute add-on for the buffet, I like these DIY utensil holders that look like footballs. It looks like these were just coffee cans that were painted. Very cute and pretty easy – especially if you host a Super Bowl party every year! Photo via Stay Crafty My Friends:

super bowl party ideas

These chocolate covered strawberries that look like footballs are adorable. If you are super ambitious, you can DIY these. But seriously, only do this if there are going to be tons of ladies (sorry to stereotype) hanging out around the kitchen, drinking wine and not paying attention to the game. Because they are the only ones who will be noticing the work that went into the strawberries, I promise you. You can also purchase these at Shari’s Berries or your local candy store:

super bowl party ideas

If you’re considering the strawberries above, you may want to have some entertainment other than watching the game. I like the idea of commercial bingo. There’s lots of free printables for this, some that require you to pay more attention to the TV than others. You can download this one at Style Me Pretty:

super bowl party ideas

Finally, we know that I’m a fan of signature drinks, even when especially when entertaining at home. Usually my rule is to have no more than one signature drink. Well rules are meant to be broken, because a Super Bowl Party is a great opportunity to have two signature cocktails! One for each team! Here are two suggestions, one for the Broncos and one for the Seahawks. Cheers!

Broncos: A Bronco Bulldog, contains hazelnut espresso vodka, cola, half and half, and vodka. Recipe at The Daily Meal:

Broncos bulldog Super Bowl cocktail recipe

Seahawks: A Seattle Slammer, contains sweet ginger vodka, apple juice and bourbon. Recipe at The Daily Meal:

Seattle Slammer seahawks Super Bowl cocktail recipe

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