let’s learn about flowers: peony edition


I have a secret. I don’t know that much about flowers. I know more than a lot of people (namely men) but for an event planner, my knowledge is really lacking. But while I love and appreciate flowers, I can’t always tell specific varieties apart.

When I was at The Special Event a few weeks ago, I sat in a fabulous session on creating floral arrangements presented by the ladies of Fifty Flowers, which is a great online resource for wholesale florals. I had heard of Fifty Flowers but had never used them. What a great resource – in addition to fabulous prices, they have lots of information about each flower they offer, including when they are available, when to order them in time for your event, and how to care for them. I highly recommend Fifty Flowers, even just for browsing!

Since I want to try and learn more about flowers, I thought I’d use this blog to explore more. Each Monday, I will do a new post on a particular flower, with a few facts and some lovely photos. This will be extremely helpful to me, but hopefully helpful to you as well! Plus – what a great way to start the week!

For the first week I wanted to focus on peonies – a hugely popular wedding flower, but also a pricey one. They can be difficult to find year round unless you work with a large distributor (expect to pay a premium outside of spring for certain colors). It’s incredibly full and lush with a pleasant scent (although scentless varieties are available).

Colors: Reds, whites, pinks

Cost: Expensive

Bloom size: 2.5 to 4 inches

Fun fact: Peonies are the 12th Wedding Anniversary Flower

Now let’s look at these flowers in action:



peony bouquet

peony centerpiece

peony centerpiece


Thanks for learning about peonies with me! Which flowers should I learn about next?

Photo Credits: { Fifty Flowers | Revel | Pro Flowers | Southern Living | Style Me Pretty | Southern Weddings | Bellarosa Floral }

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