hilton boston back bay

hilton boston back bay

I was in Boston last week for the PCMA annual meeting, Convening Leaders. I did something that I almost never do anymore – I stayed in a hotel and didn’t see any of the meeting space! All of the sessions were in the Hynes Convention Center and the Sheraton. I was in and out of sessions so much that I forgot to peek at the Hilton’s offerings! So this site report is based on sleeping rooms only, like I was a regular guest and not a crazy event planner!

If you are traveling to Boston for a meeting at the Hynes, the Hilton Boston Back Bay is a convenient alternative. While it’s not attached to the center via skywalks and the mall like many of the other hotels that are nearby (and were part of the official PCMA block), it’s actually closer to the Hynes than other hotels, such as the Westin and Marriott.

The lobby is small, but functional:

hilton boston back bay

My room was on the 11th floor. Warning, the elevators can be slow.

I had a double room. It was a nice size for a city room. I really appreciated the nice desk chair – when I travel for business I do actually utilize the desk so it’s nice when that’s not an afterthought.

hilton boston back bay

hilton boston back bay

The bathroom was a bit small, the door just barely opens in front of the toilet, making it feel more like a stall than a bathroom.

hilton boston back bay

hilton boston back bay

The bed was very comfortable – I loved the king size pillows on the double bed!

The view – nothing spectacular:

hilton boston back bay

The hotel was perfectly fine – nothing amazing, but a good location if you need to be near the Hynes. I’d love to see the hotel get a bit of a refresh – I saw lots of spots that could use a new coat of paint or a wash. Nothing was dirty, just needed a little attention.

The service was great throughout my stay.

I’d recommend it! Sorry I didn’t peek at the meeting space, but I’ll share some photos from the convention center later this week!

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