friday favorites – best event ideas of the week

This week for my Friday Favorites, I wanted to showcase my favorite ideas from The Special Event conference last week in Nashville. TSE had two tabletop competitions. While TSE had it’s own judging, I wanted to share my top picks as well.

#5 – Sherlock Holmes Centerpiece

Sherlock Holmes centerpiece

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Sherlock Holmes books, but I love the idea of items that could have been props from the books (or movies, I suppose). The bowler hat, pipe and violin bow are all subtle hints as to the theme. Designed by Elan Event Studio.

#4 – Artificial Icicles

winter and geometric table top

I like the overall look of this centerpiece, even paired with this bold linen. Speaking of this linen, I was sitting at a luncheon yesterday and realized it was the same linen! I was so excited! But I digress – I like the use of the artificial icicles hanging off of the branches because it adds some texture and dimension to the branches. I should say that I assume the icicles were artificial, it WAS cold in Nashville last week! Designed by Amos Events and Graceful Tables.

#3 – Tennis Racquet Chargers

tennis themed tabletop

For a tennis-themed outdoor fete, I love the idea of using the wooden, old-fashioned racquets almost like chargers under the plates. Very fun! Designed by Eventures, Social Butterflies LLC, Mrs. Post Stationery and Tanarah Luxe Floral.

#2 – Winter Color

winter color tabletop

I love the concept that you can use color even in winter. So often, people think that winter means an all white color scheme. This proves you can use color and still achieve the winter theme. The coral and pinks look lovely with silver and white accents. Designed by Wedding 101.

#1 –  Book Centerpieces

gone with the wind book centerpiece

20000 Leagues Under the Sea book centerpiece

I think I picked this as number one because I used to work in a library and even considered a career as a librarian. I love the idea of incorporating books into events, or even a library theme. This takes that idea one step further and crafts beautiful sculptures from the book’s pages. The Gone With the Wind one is my favorite, but the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is impressive as well. Designed by South Jersey Party Rentals.

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