flip book stations – my new favorite event entertainment

flip books for your party entertainment

I am over photo booths. There. I said it.

Why have a boring old photo booth when you can have something so much more fun and interactive?

I don’t mean to be so harsh, photo booths might be perfectly acceptable for your event. They certainly aren’t going away any time soon, from weddings to mitzvahs to corporate events, they are still pretty popular. But when tasked with finding entertainment for an office holiday party that you can read all about here, I thought the flip book station would be a fun addition.

You might be saying, what IS a flip book station? I would have said the same thing as well if I hadn’t seen them in action at a conference I attended last summer. Do you remember those flip books you had when you were younger – you would flip the pages really fast and it would look animated? I remember I had a Steamboat Willy one growing up, if you flipped the pages quickly Mickey Mouse would whistle and pull down the horn.

So a flip book station takes the same concept, but creates the mini books from a series of photographs taken in rapid succession. Your guests stand in front of a green screen or a backdrop, grab some props, and then are filmed for a few seconds (maybe 10 seconds?). The photos are then printed into small books that your guests can grab within a few minutes. It’s a favor as well!

Here is a short video that explains the concept:

We used Washington Talent – they provided all of the equipment and lighting. We just needed to make sure they had enough space (about 10 by 10 feet) and gave them two tables with linens to set up on. They asked us for a logo to put on the covers – we had a special logo designed for the holiday party.

I first experienced this in Denver, so there is definitely a local vendor out there. This is gaining in popularity so you should be able to find a vendor near you if you’re interested. Pricing wise, it’s not that much more than a photobooth with an attendant, and it’s comparable to other higher-tech photo experiences, such as the graffiti wall.

Our guests LOVED this. People had a great time, but they really seemed to get into it, and liked having something to take home.

Some suggestions, if you would like to incorporate this into your event:

Bring your own props: We asked the vendor to bring some holiday themed props, which he did (santa hats, garland, reindeer antlers). But we also made our own signs for our guests to hold up, using some of the company jargon and buzzwords. People seemed to get a kick out of that! If you are using this at a themed event, make sure you have props that complement the theme. For example, when I experienced this in Denver, it was at a speakeasy themed party. People were already in costume, but if we weren’t, it would have been ideal to have some 20s themed props.

If you do make your own signs, make sure that the lettering is bright and bold so it can be read in the books. The books are pretty small – 3 inches by 2 inches is average. We had a crafting party to make the signs ourselves before the party. We knew that they wouldn’t be reused, so I bought plain white chipboard – it proved just the right weight to be sturdy enough to make it through the night.

Find an ambassador: Most of your guests probably won’t know what the flip book station is at first. Find some volunteers to be the test group, and then ask them to walk around the party with their books and show other guests. This worked well for us – pretty soon there was a line of guests waiting! (But not too long a line – don’t worry!)

Put the station in a visible place: While having ambassadors is good, you’ll probably get the most traction just from people watching others film the books – especially when things get silly. Resist the urge to tuck the station away in an unused corner.

I hope to be able to use this at another event, or try something new! Have you used flip books at an event? How did it work out?

Photo Credit: { Go Festive }

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