champagne cocktails for your new year’s eve party

champagne cocktail ideas for your new year's eve party

You can’t have a new year’s eve party without champagne. Well, you probably could, but I wouldn’t come. I absolutely love champagne and most sparkling wine. Champagne cocktails, or cocktails where champagne is an ingredient, are my favorite.  While most people include a bottle of champagne in their New Year’s Eve plans to pop the cork just before midnight, there’s no reason why you can’t include champagne throughout your evening. A champagne cocktail is a great way to add something fun and interesting to your party, and you can also save some money by buying a lower quality sparkling wine since you’ll be mixing it anyway.

Here are some ideas for champagne cocktails that don’t take too many crazy ingredients. You might have these ingredients in your home bar already, or you may only have a few things to buy. There are so many delicious cocktails out there, there’s no need to try the ones that have really obscure ingredients.

Bonus points for renaming these something even more fun and festive!

Champagne Cocktail

champagne cocktail ideas for your new year's eve party

There is actually a cocktail called a champagne cocktail – boring name but delicious taste. This might be a bit of a departure from my promise for no obscure ingredients, but bitters aren’t really obscure if you make certain cocktails. This is a fun article on how to make your own, but you can also buy at specialty stores or even online at Amazon and other retailers. You drop the bitters on a sugar cube in a champagne flute, add cognac and champagne, drink and be happy. Recipe at Martha Stewart – just be warned, the recipe is for one cocktail but obviously you can multiply easily.

French 75

champagne cocktail ideas for your new year's eve party

If you like the taste of gin you’ll like this cocktail – it’s just gin, cointreau, lemon juice and champagne – and it’s super easy to make. Recipe at

Happy New Year

champagne cocktail ideas for your new year's eve party

There is a cocktail called Happy New Year – now you have to try it this year! It’s similar to a champagne cocktail but you don’t need the sugar cube and bitters! If you’re more likely to have ruby port and brandy lying around then you can make this one easily. Also requires orange juice. A friend of mine brought the ingredients to make this to a New Year’s party a few years ago and it was delicious – I highly recommend! Recipe at

Holiday Sparkler

champagne cocktail ideas for your new year's eve party

If you’re hosting a larger party and want to make a punch, this is a fun recipe. It calls for cava, but you can use any sparkling wine – the level of sweetness will impact the sweetness of the flavor, but this one is meant to be sweet, cut with fresh mint!  It also calls for lime juice, triple sec and cranberry juice. Recipe at Food 52.

Black Velvet

champagne cocktail ideas for your new year's eve party

Sometimes, men may complain that champagne cocktails are for ladies only. I think that’s ridiculous, but if you there were ever  a truly manly champagne cocktail, the Black Velvet is it. It’s half stout and half champagne. Stir than drink. Pretty much the only way I would drink stout. Recipe at Esquire.

Frizzante Mojito

champagne cocktail ideas for your new year's eve party

This one requires a tiny bit more work with muddling the mint, simple syrup and lime juice, but will give you a taste of summer in the middle of winter. Add the rum and bitters, then top with champagne and viola! Recipe via Martha Stewart.

Those are just a few easy(ish) recipes for champagne cocktails that are sure to add a fun drink option for your New Year’s Eve party. If none of these appeal to you, I would look at what you have in your bar and try and find a cocktail that uses ingredients you already have – there are so many that you can probably find something!

Cheers & Happy New Year!


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