friday favorites – best GIFT ideas of the week

So I decided to change things up and use my Friday Favorites to share five fabulous gift ideas. I am really struggling this Christmas season. Even though I’ve watched the Muppet Christmas Carol, which is my favorite Christmas movie and is always sure to get me in the holiday spirit, I’m just so behind because of buying a new house (#firstworldproblems – I know). I have only a handful of presents and no idea what I’m buying yet for some people. So I’ve been scouring the interwebs to find inspiration and there are a zillion gift guides but I figured I’d add one more! So I present a gift guide for entertainers. While this blog is primarily about event planning, I also hope it provides inspiration for entertaining at home. Here are my top five gift ideas for anyone who loves to entertain.

As someone who entertains a fair amount, I often get a lot of more typical gifts – serving pieces, tea towels, etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with those – I love serving dishes! I really do! But these options are a bit more… unique.

#5 – Corkers

gift guide for entertainers and hostesses

I love these little guys! They are little kits of arms, legs, tails, etc. that you can stick on corks to make them into little creatures. Perfect for the hostess with a sense of humor! $10 at Solutions.

#4 – Little Black Dress Apron

gift guide for entertainers and hostesses

Who doesn’t need another little black dress? For the hostess who wants to class it up while cooking, this apron is perfect. It even comes with pearls! High heels not included. $20 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

#3 – Vintage Silverware Handle Cheese Markers

gift guide for entertainers and hostesses

Most hostesses already have a cheese board (or two or three), but most probably don’t have cheese markers! Made from vintage silverware! What a clever idea! I don’t often serve more than one type of cheese at once, but this inspires me to start! $17 from Etsy Seller CurbsidePickins.

#2 – Lawn Party Sticks

gift guide for entertainers and hostesses

This is the one thing on this list that I already own (so don’t buy it for me!) but I recommend these highly. They are wine and wine glass holders that stick into the ground – perfect for picnics or outdoor entertaining! The set  comes with 7 sticks – 1 for a wine bottle and 6 for glasses, although that seems like there are too many glasses and not enough bottles! That aside, it’s a great set that I can’t wait to use again! We have used these at outdoor concerts and they work really well. While a hostess might not be planning picnics anytime soon, it’s still a fun gift. $40 at Pampered Chef.

#1 – Personalized Recipe Cutting Board

gift guide for entertainers and hostesses

While most of the other gifts are more “fun” this is more poignant. This is a handmade cutting board with a laser engraving copy of a recipe. What a perfect gift to remember a recipe that’s been in the family for ages – or perhaps a way to remember a recipe from someone who is no longer with us? Either way, I think it’s a sweet and touching gift. It looks like these are no longer available in time for Christmas delivery, so plan ahead for birthdays! $39 from Etsy Seller DamiansWoodWorks.


Good Hostesses Give Good Hostess Gifts

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