gift ideas for your event planner friends

With the holidays right around the corner, I’m sure you are all thinking about what you can get that special event planner in your life, right? I know there are tons of “gift guides” that come out this time of year – gift guides for moms, dads, husbands, wives, aunts, co-workers, neighbors, secret santa recipients you don’t even know, etc. I couldn’t find a good list for event planners so I decided to make my own. Below are some ideas that any event planner (or meeting planner, or wedding planner) would love to receive:


gifts for your event planner friends - blazer

Every event planner I know loves a good blazer. I love a good blazer. It’s rare for me to work an event without a blazer of some kind. I’m even wearing a super-cute blazer right now. Blazers have multiple pockets (great for phones, walkie talkies, room keys, etc.), and look great with almost any outfit – from dresses or pencil skirts, to jeans (I love jeans and a blazer – although I hate wearing jeans, weird, right?). I do like this one from Ann Taylor.


Solar charger or backup battery:

gifts for your event planner friends - solar charger

Many event planners spend long hours away from their offices, on-site at events and meetings. Plus interior ballrooms with poor cell signals can drain phone batteries. A solar charger or a backup phone battery are both great options to help a planner stay connected on the go. This option available via Amazon.

Utility belts:

gifts for your event planner friends - utility belts

One of the most memorable parts of The Wedding Planner was the opening scene when Jennifer Lopez’s character opens her suit jacket (or would you call that a blazer, eh?) to reveal and elaborate utility belt full of emergency items for the wedding day – from a mini sewing kit and safety pins to breath freshener and a spray bottle of Evian (remember what she used that for?). Now most event planners have their own versions of an emergency kit they take with them on-site (most probably don’t wear it around their waist) but if they do want to go J.Lo-style, here is a somewhat stylish option via Etsy seller Heart C.

Massage gift certificates:

gifts for your event planner friends - massage gift certificates

Event planners are on their feet for hours when working events, sometimes even doing a bit of manual labor. Reward the event planner in your life with a gift certificate for a massage, or better yet, an annual pass or subscription! Photo (of who I can only imagine is a very happy event planner – via Aroma’s Spa Chicago).

Keurig Coffee Maker:

gifts for your event planner friends - Keurig Coffee Maker

Lots of event planners consume lots of caffeine. I’ve seen many well-intentioned gift givers offer Starbucks gift certificates, but sometimes a planner just can’t get away to grab a delightful beverage. Enter the Keurig. Coffee just doesn’t get any easier. Perfect for powering through budget proposals or for taking on the go to a site visit. Bonus points for a variety pack of fun flavors.

Dr. Scholl’s Inserts:

gifts for your event planner friends - Dr. Scholl's Inserts

Event planners are on their feet a lot and they don’t always make enough money to afford super well-made shoes. Sometimes a $5 investment can make all the difference in the world – Dr. Scholls has an entire line of ladies products designed to make uncomfortable shoes a little more bearable. It’s not going to make a pair of Target heels feel like Cole Haan heels (which are cushioned with Nike Air), but it will definitely help. Perfect for stocking stuffers!

Fabulous Tote Bag:

gifts for your event planner friends - Kate Spade tote bag

Planners tend to carry big bags because they tend to carry a lot of junk stuff. A fun and stylish tote bag is a great gift idea – especially if it has some useable pockets. I happen to like just about anything that Kate Spade makes, in case anyone asks.

Thank You’s:

Maybe the best gift of all is just saying thank you. I know that sounds silly, but when an event planner makes it look effortless, it most certainly isn’t effortless, it’s usually a lot of work. Because event planners are often behind the scenes, people don’t always realize how hard they work. Many event planners would be happy with a simple thank you for their hard work. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate!

Do you have any other suggestions?

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