friday favorites – best event ideas of the week

Week five! Five in a r-o-w! I’m rather impressed!

#5 – Cowboy boot vase

cowboy boot vase

Anytime you can use an everyday object or something otherwise unexpected in decor, I think it’s a win. This was from a Tex-Mex tasting station at a trade show. I love that this is a real cowboy boot – now just a cute vase! Bonus points for sunflowers and wildflowers – this wouldn’t look as cohesive with formal looking roses. Photo via BizBash.

#4 – Bunting seating chart

wedding seating chart

Seating charts are all the rage right now (see are seating charts the next big thing for weddings?) – particularly the poster style, the chalkboard and the windowpane. I like this variation – bunting. It’s still rustic, but not overdone. Photo by Renaissance Studios via Wedding Wire.

#3 – Toy Story-inspired wedding photo

toy story wedding photo

The wedding shoes are a must-photograph for many brides; next thing you know everyone is writing on the bottom of their shoes – “I Do” and things like that. This is a more poignant version of the same idea. In the movie Toy Story, the toys had “Andy” written on their shoe to show that they belonged to him. This bride and groom wrote each others’ name on the bottom of their shoe to show that they belong to each other. Can I get an Awww? Photo via The Knot.

#2 – Polaroid guest book

polaroid guest book

Wedding guests books are getting more and more creative (a trend I love – see guest books that won’t sit on a shelf). This one is neat – take your name (an escort card) and replace it with a polaroid of yourself. I also love how it’s a bit hipster and retro (polaroids instead of digital photos). You end up with fun photos of your friends and family rather than a book full of signatures you’ll never open. Photo via Wedding Wire.

#1 – event security

event security

I fell in love with this photo as soon as I saw it – this is from a little girl’s birthday party (Tiffany’s theme). She had two older brothers who were dressed as security guards (just like you would have at a jewelry store!). What an adorable way to get siblings involved in the party! So clever! Photo via Hostess with the Mostess.

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