newseum in washington dc

newseum in washington, dc

I am a big fan of the Newseum and I’ve already covered it in a site report here (and it was the inspiration for this blog post on gracefully ending an event), but I recently visited the museum as a regular person (aka not in an events capacity at all – you might call this a tourist) and I thought I would share some photos of spaces that are also available for rent, but I haven’t personally used yet.

As I’ve mentioned previously, one of the big draws for the Newseum is its view of the US Capitol. The museums have multiple terraces, including one attached to the Knight Conference Center on the 7th floor (mentioned here) but there is also a terrace on the 6th floor outside of Today’s Front Pages Gallery – that’s exactly what it sounds like, a gallery of front pages from around the nation and world updated daily. Here are some photos of the view:

newseum in washington, dc

newseum in washington, dc

The gallery is also available for events – capacity is 200 for a reception for both the gallery and the terrace:

newseum in washington, dc

There is an additional private dining terrace that is available on the second floor, even for daytime rentals (active museum galleries are only available for evening rentals).

For a large event – say up to 3500 people, you can rent the entire museum, including the Great Hall of News:

newseum in washington, dc

newseum in washington, dc

For more information on private events at the Newseum (including the  yummy Wolfgang Puck catering) visit the Newseum’s website.

Check out my extensive site report and review of the Newseum and Knight Conference Center here.

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