friday favorites – best events of the week

Welcome to week four of Friday Favorites! Believe it or not, there’s no alternative wedding cake this week….

#5 – Custom Yankee Candles

customized Yankee Candle wedding and event favors

Candles are a pretty popular wedding and event favor, but you can step it up a notch by personalizing it, either by a custom label or a custom photo label! You can put your face on a candle! If that appeals to you, there is more information here. For most products there is a three piece minimum to order. This could be fun for baby showers, bridal showers, bridesmaid gifts, or anything really. What a fun idea!

#4 – Ombre key bottle opener escort cards

ombre key bottle opener escort cards

I love this because it takes three ideas and puts them all together, but manages to not be over the top. Ombre is very in right now (you can do this with any color), keys are very in right now (a kind of cross of the classic/traditional wedding with the rustic idea), and bottle openers are always in (but a classy bottle opener – like one shaped like a key – is better than a cheap plastic one!).  Photo by Abbey Lunt Photography via Wedding Wire.

#3 – Spin-top menu card

spin-top menu card

This is adorable – instead of looking at a menu card like a list of options, this makes it more into a game. And for indecisive people like me, it might even help them make a decision! Photo via CrazyForUs.

#2 – Table runner table number

burlap table number table runner

Why not have the table number printed on the table runner? This particular example is burlap, but you could do this with any type of fabric. I like this idea for when the tables might already be a bit cluttered with the centerpiece, dishes, stemware, and silverware. Photo by Nikki Meyer Photography via The Pretty Blog.

#1 – Children’s Choir

children's choir at 9/11 Memorial Gala

This is a bit of a departure from the normal lighthearted nature of this blog, but I thought this was such a beautiful idea. At the annual 9/11 Memorial Gala in New York, this year the organizers featured a choir that included children that were born on 9/11/01. What a beautiful way to honor those who lost their lives, but keep the gala upbeat and looking toward the future. Bravo to the gala organizers – I think that is a truly original idea. Photo via BizBash.

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