friday favorites – best event ideas of the week

Welcome to week three of Friday Favorites! Let the grab bag begin!

#5 – Old photos as placecards

This was done for a styled wedding shoot, but you could do this for a dinner party. I love the idea of old photos or old postcards. If you know everyone at the dinner party very well, you could even find old photos of the guests to use.  Photo by Cyrience Photography via Every Last Detail:

old photos as wedding and event placecards

#4 – Wrapped magazine as parting gift at launch event

It’s not uncommon to receive a free copy of a magazine at launch events, especially if the magazine is a cosponsor of some kind. But I love the way they wrapped them in brown paper and included other items, such as coupons. Everyone loves unwrapping gifts! This way it feels more like a GIFT and less like a freebie. Photo via Washingtonian Magazine:

event swag

#3 – Apple pie pops

Cake pops are so last season – bring on the PIE POPS! It’s the same concept as a cake pop (probably a lot more work to make though, I imagine) but with a twist. I can’t think of an easier way to eat a piece of apple pie. Bonus points for this one being relatively healthy. Photo and recipe via Hostess with the Mostess:

apple pie pops

#2 – Drink menu on a mirror

This photo is from an in-home wedding, but I think you could definitely do this for a dinner party or any other entertaining at home, so long as the mirror is near the bar. I think this is a fun twist instead of creating a menu, especially if you have a fun signature drink to feature. Photo by Kate Harrison Photography via 100 Layer Cake:

bar menu on mirror

#1 – Pancake wedding cake

I know you’re beginning to think I’m just anti-traditional wedding cake (based on this post, this post and this post), but I just really love the idea of a brunch wedding, and a pancake cake ISN’T EVEN CAKE! There’s no rule that says you have to have cake (or doughnuts, or dessert!) so I think this is just a fun idea and I love the creativity. Photo by Carmen and Ingo Photography via Burnett’s Boards:

pancake wedding cake

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