friday favorites – best event ideas of the week

Last week I debuted the new Friday feature, basically as a way to show off some of my favorite ideas that don’t warrant their own individual blog posts. It’s essentially a grab bag of event planning fun!

#5 – Canoe as beer cooler

canoe as beer cooler

I think this is such a fun idea! This was from a backyard wedding, but you can really do it for any event. The canoe is ironic, right (ice melting becomes water, which you usually don’t want inside your boat), but you can really use any type of item. The canoe is waterproof, so that’s a bonus, but you can also use other outdoorsy items as well.  Photo by Lauren Fair Photography via Bridal Musings.

#4 – Doughnut cake in lieu of wedding cake

doughnut wedding cake

This is from a brunch wedding, which in and of itself is a fabulous idea. The brunch wedding has gained traction over the years but is still nontraditional enough to be rare. I wish I had done a brunch wedding, as brunch is my favorite meal ever. And it’s not as if you can’t drink at brunch (see #3). I’ve seen other brunch weddings that try really hard to make something brunch-like into a replacement cake (such as this tower of doughnut holes, which is also a fantastic idea). But there’s something so laid back and wonderful about this pile of doughnuts with the cake topper on top that says, “It’s our wedding and we’re having fun!” Photo by Erin Jean Photography via Style Me Pretty.

#3 – Apple cider mimosa

apple cider mimosa

This seriously combines two of my favorite things into one: apple ciders and mimosas. If I’m being honest, mimosas would come first, but still, this seems completely amazing to me.  So of course I want to figure out how to make one. My initial assumption was that it was apple cider and champagne (instead of orange juice and champagne – honestly champagne is really the critical element), but when I googled recipes it seems that you can make it that way OR with sparkling cider instead of champagne, but still using orange juice. So many possibilities! Here are some recipes that I might try. If you try any, let me know how they turn out.

Autumn Cider Mimosa by Food Plus Words

Sparkling Cider Mimoas by the Food Network

Photo by Sugar Photo Studios via Style Me Pretty

#2 – Library card catalog escort card display

card catalog for wedding escort card display

I’m a huge library nerd (as evidenced by my excitement about an event at the Library of Congress), mostly because I spent 6+ years working at my local library during high school and college. So I love this idea of using a card catalog to display escort cards – this particular event was Great Gatsby themed, but I think this also goes well with a vintage motif. Photo via BizBash.

#1 – Bridesmaid dresses and it’s such a small world

bridesmaid dresses

I know I don’t often talk about bridal fashion on this blog, but I did happen to notice the bridesmaid dresses in this South Carolina wedding on the Southern Weddings blog. I loved the color and I thought they were really flattering. And then I looked closer and realized that one of my good friends was one of the bridesmaids! The second lovely lady from the left is my friend, Rebecca! Rebecca currently lives in South Carolina so it wasn’t a stretch to imagine her in this bridal party, but I did check with her and I was right, it was her! I thought this was such a fun story, you don’t expect to see real people you know in the “real weddings” that are featured in blogs! And I do seriously love the bridesmaid dresses! Photo by Ashley Seawell Photography via Southern Weddings.

There’s this week’s Friday Favorites! Have a great weekend!


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