friday favorites – best event ideas of the week

I’ve decided to start a new feature on the blog called Friday Favorites. I often run into great ideas that I want to save for later or find something inspiring that doesn’t necessitate its own entire blog post. I thought I might start compiling my top five ideas of the week that I’ve found from other sources.

#5 – Toile chair ties

toile chair ties

First of all, I love toile. LOVE IT. I basically think it is the best motif of all time, and if my husband would let me, I would use it all over our house. But while I was drawn to this chair tie because it’s toile, you can really do this with any fabric. If there is a fabric or a print (or a solid color!) that can be brought into the décor, this is a less formal way to do it than using it as a linen or a chair cover. This idea comes from Burnett’s Boards (it was a vintage French wedding inspired shoot). In this context it definitely makes sense as chair ties over a linen since the china were patterned as well. I also love that they don’t make bows, just ties.

#4 – Fruit and soda bar back

creative bar back

The bar back (literally, the “back” of a bar) is often a huge missed opportunity for branding or theming. You have guests literally staring at it as they wait for their drinks – make use of it! This was from a spa party designed by Debi Lilly. I love the fresh fruit as accents. You can recreate this with lots of different kind of items.

#3 – River stones with floating candle centerpieces

floating candle centerpieces

This isn’t an entirely new idea, but it’s an underused idea. I feel like most floating candle centerpieces (which you know I love!) don’t have anything in the bottom of the vessel – if I do see something there, it’s often clear marbles or vase filler. But this just struck the right chord for me – it complements the soft, feminine touches of the florals in the centerpiece. It’s also a calming element in an otherwise over-the-top (but elegant) Indian wedding. You could take this in a ton of different directions! Photo via Style Me Pretty.

#2 – Plywood hearts for wedding party

plywood hearts for wedding bridal party

Everyone knows that wedding ceremonies on grass take the risk that the bridal party (in their cute stiletto shoes) will “sink” into the ground. There have been several innovations to solve this problem, such as the heel guards that pop onto the heels to make a wider base. But I love this one because it’s so different! Not only will the bridesmaids not “sink” into the ground, but they will know where they need to stand, and it creates a cute piece of whimsical ceremony décor. So practical! Via Blue Canary Events.

#1 – Starry night tent

starry night led tent

To achieve a “starry night” feel for the anniversary of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the event was held in a tent which was draped with an LED-light drop curtain, instantly creating a celestial look, so the diners felt like they were under the stars rather than under a tent. We often see in-tent décor, but a drop curtain is less common. What a great idea! Photo via BizBash.

So there you have the first Friday Favorites. Drop me a line in the comments if you like this and want to see more!


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