unique cake toppers

unique wedding cake toppers

To some brides (and grooms) the cake is one of the most important parts of the wedding. Not so much for me. I don’t really like cake. I know, I know. I think it’s because there is a lot of bad cake out there that’s just dry and gross. I like really GOOD cake, but even then, it’s not something I gravitate toward. I already admitted on this blog that I really wanted to do a cupcake tower instead of cake, but my husband said it was too non-traditional.

So since the cake wasn’t that important to me (although it was absolutely delicious – we had cannoli filling – which is a must for New Jersey weddings); I didn’t fret over a cake topper. In fact, we just used flowers.

However, I know that many brides really put a lot of thought into the cake topper. The wedding I coordinated this weekend had an absolutely adorable love bird cake topper. I didn’t snap a photo, but I think this is pretty similar, available from Etsy seller Suebeehb:

unique cake topper

Seeing how adorable that cake topper made me rethink my apathy toward cake toppers. I think I was against them because I didn’t really like the traditional bride and groom figurine, but there really are some cute and imaginative pieces. Here are some that I really love:

I love this silhouette cake topper. It’s perfectly elegant, yet a fun twist on the traditional bride and groom. Available via Hispabodas:

unique cake topper

I love this “we do” cake topper with the heart in the middle. Etsy seller CreativeStamps also makes a version that says “mr. & mrs.” Both are cute – a little more modern, yet fun and playful:

unique cake topper

This “mr & mrs” one is a different material, the look is more rustic. This one also sits above the cake, which would still allow for a flower on top, as in the picture. Via Etsy seller AntoArts:

unique cake topper

If you are going for the rustic look for a fall or winter wedding, these bride and groom pinecones hit the right note of rustic cute without being over the top. Photo by Willa J Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic:

unique cake topper

What are your thoughts on cake toppers? Yay or nay?

Top photo via Bellagala


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