loews madison hotel washington dc

loews madison hotel in washington dc

The Loews Madison has been around for a while – just not always as a Loews. The hotel opened in 1963 and for many years was managed by Loews, but then was sold, and sold again and now it’s a Loews, referred to as the Loews Madison Hotel. We recently did an event in the ballroom. I was covering this event for a colleague, so I hadn’t done the initial site visit, but I was pleasantly surprised by the space.


The Loews Madison is in a great location in downtown DC. It’s relatively centrally located. I actually drove over and had never been there before and missed the valet parking – you actually pull into the parking garage (as opposed to other area hotels where the valet takes your car from in front of the hotel).

Meeting Space

There is 12,000 feet of meeting space in the hotel – not as much as some of the giants, but nothing to scoff at. The main meeting space is the Dolley Madison Ballroom, which is what we were using for a lecture and cocktail reception for about 130 people.

loews madison hotel in washington dc

The ballroom has an upper and lower level – we used the lower level for the lecture and the upper level (which is really only a half level up) for the reception. This room is set for 115. I wouldn’t do more than 140 or 150 theater style because of the large center column.

loews madison hotel in washington dc

loews madison hotel in washington dc

The space is very beautiful for an interior ballroom. The décor throughout the whole hotel is an interesting modern, chic design with a classic twist. The condition of the space was excellent as well. This is probably because the hotel was recently renovated, but I hope they keep up with the upkeep.

The foyer (apologies for the blurry photo):

loews madison hotel in washington dc

I also snapped a shot of another smaller meeting room off of the same foyer (wasn’t being used the same night as our event):

loews madison hotel in washington dc

And I took photos of the ladies room, why not?

loews madison hotel in washington dc

Food & Beverage

The catering at the Madison is better than average banquet food. I also like the presentation (sorry I didn’t get shots of our hors d’oeuvres). The prices are in line with other luxury hotels in the city.


The service was generally good – a few hiccups, mostly with the front desk staff. As guests began arriving at our event, a few mentioned that they asked at the front desk where the event was. (The meeting space is located up the stairs from the main lobby, but you have to walk toward the elevators to see the stairs). According to a few guests, the front desk agents told them the event wasn’t at the hotel! Um what? The hotel isn’t that large that there could be so many events going on at once. The front desk staff should know what’s going on in the hotel.

loews madison hotel in washington dc

Here is the lobby (my phone automatically stitched these together into a panoramic):

loews madison hotel in washington dc

All in all, I would say that the hotel is beautiful. Service could use some improvement, but it’s not terrible. Have you been to the Loews Madison? What did you think?


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