seriously, it’s time to start planning your holiday parties

start planning your holiday parties now

For those of you who gripe about seeing holiday decorations in the mall earlier and earlier, I understand that sentiment, but you seriously need to start planning holiday parties yesterday. Well, at least if you live in a market like DC.

I started working on one of the annual holiday parties that I do this week and I feel like I’m already behind. Venues are booking up fast, caterers are as well. But more importantly, so are people’s calendars – which is the one part of planning holiday parties that is trickiest to work around.

Because while YOU are planning YOUR company’s holiday party, so is everyone else. And many people get invited to multiple parties. Holiday party planning is one giant scheduling conflict to work through.

So do yourself a favor and start planning now, while you still have plenty of venue and vendor options. Make sure you get on your VIPs schedule now – whoever your VIPs are.

This can also be applied to dinner parties and other events at home. You might not need to worry about getting a caterer, but it’s worthwhile to start figuring out calendars and working with other hostesses to make sure you’re not overlapping.

I’ll have some holiday party and holiday entertaining ideas in the next few weeks, stay tuned! Please let me know if you have any specific requests!

And if you are starting to plan (and are looking to save some money), here are some resources:

How to save money on food & beverage for events

How to save money on an event venue

How to save money on lounge furniture rentals

And of course, if you are looking for some help planning your holiday party, or any other event, consider hiring me to do it for you!

Photo via Kate Parker Designs


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