(mis) matchy matchy seating for weddings, events and even conferences

mismatched seating

Mismatched seating is all the rage right now for weddings – it’s part of the rustic motif. Everyone wants their wedding to look like an elegantly styled barn fete. But while I like the mismatched seating look for aesthetic reasons (I hate anything to matchy matchy – as they used to say), I love it for another reason: it gives your guests choices. And giving your guests a choice isn’t just great for weddings – it’s great for all events.

Some people love to sit in lounge furniture. Some people love high top cocktail tables and chairs. Some people like standard banquet chairs or chiavari chairs. Some people like chairs with arms. Other people prefer armless.  By having different options, you create different experiences for your guests.

As I mentioned, this is popular for weddings.Here are some ceremony sets:.

This one utilizes a variety of chairs and benches. The overall feel is rustic and eclectic. Photo by Amy & Stuart Photography via Style Me Pretty:

mismatched wedding ceremony seating

Of course, lots of brides would love to offer this kind of mismatched seating – various lounge furniture, chairs, couches and loveseats. While lounge furniture can be expensive to rent it can still be doable. Personally, I would put my budget toward more comfortable furniture for the reception over the ceremony since the reception is longer. But this is still a fun idea. Photo via Weddings Illustrated:

mismatched wedding seating

It can also be incorporated into wedding receptions, cocktail parties or any event where you want your guests to mix and mingle. I like adding this bench in between cocktail tables to mix it up during cocktail hour. Photo via Brides of North Texas:

mismatched wedding reception seating

Most people think of incorporating lounge furniture into events means creating separate areas for soft furnishings. You can still put chairs in these areas as well – I like this grouping of seating that utilizes both overstuffed furniture and banquet chairs. It works because the chairs complement the style of the lounge furniture. Photo by Jason Kaczorowski Photography:

mismatched event seating

You can even mix types of chairs at a seated dinner. Photo via My Blonde Ambitions:

mismatched event seating

I also love this idea for weddings – having the bride and groom share a loveseat at the head table. Photo by Kallima Photography via Floridian Weddings:


For conferences, lectures and presentations, I like the idea of tiered seating – creating multiple layers in the room, such as lounge furniture in front, followed by traditional theatre seating, followed by high cocktail tables and chairs. Or this from a PCMA event where they created different discussion areas in the same room – participants had the option of sitting at traditional rounds or a lounge set:

mismatched conference seating

Those are a few ways to incorporate mismatched seating into different kinds of events. Any other suggestions?

Top photo via Found Vintage Rentals


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