oklahoma history center

oklahoma history center - private events

If you are regular reader of this blog (thank you!) you’ll know that I recently had the opportunity of spending a week in Oklahoma City. On the off-chance that someone stumbles across this blog who is interested in planning events in Oklahoma City, I’ve reviewed each of the venues we’re used for the event. Rounding that out is the Oklahoma History Center and the good news is, even if you are just planning on visiting OKC, this is a must see. Being able to plan or attend an event there is just a bonus.

The Oklahoma History Center is dedicated to Oklahoma history, past and present. There are numerous galleries on various topics. There is also a cafeteria and meeting space.

The conference we were hosting in Oklahoma City was headquartered at the Skirvin Hilton, but we wanted to move on evening’s dinner offsite to mix things up. My colleague, Christina, found the history center and we immediately fell in love. Now full-disclosure: I am a history nerd (I think Christina is as well!), but look at this gorgeous atrium:

oklahoma history center - private events

There is also a small conference center on-site, but since our event was in the evening we opted to host a cocktail reception and dinner in the atrium, known as Devon Great Hall.

oklahoma history center - private events

oklahoma history center - private events

The best part (in my opinion) of the History Center as event space, was the two exhibits flanking the space on either side – Oklahoma in the Movies and Oklahoma’s Native American history. These were definitely ‘crowd-pleaser’ exhibits (especially the movie one), and for a nominal fee, you could have the exhibits open for your event.  The movie exhibit features props and photos from movies with some connection to Oklahoma – either set in, filmed in, or starring someone from Oklahoma.

oklahoma history center - private events

oklahoma history center - private events

oklahoma history center - private events

We opted for the exhibits to be open (no food or beverage allowed in the exhibits of course) and I think it was worth it. Not all of our guests took advantage (some really didn’t want to part with their g&t for even a few minutes!) but many did and enjoyed it. It was great for networking and bonding – there was even an impromptu karaoke singalong on the Oklahoma! stage set.

The caterer we worked with was Ned’s – recommend them highly for anything you are doing in OKC. The portions were enormous and just about everything was delicious. I’m a huge fan of bread and they had these delicious sweet rolls. I asked about them – apparently they are known locally as ‘crack rolls’ because they are so unbelievably good. I opted to have a second roll instead of the cheesecake for dessert. (Don’t judge me).

If you find yourself in Oklahoma City – stop by the Oklahoma History Center! And consider hosting an event there, you won’t regret it!

Congrats to my colleague Christina on a great venue find and a spectacular event.


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