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apple bouquet

Despite 90 degree heat, I went apple picking this weekend, as we do almost every fall. And judging by my Facebook feed, everyone else was apple picking as well. While apples don’t get quite the same attention as pumpkins do, they are just as reminiscent of fall as their orange counterparts. In honor of the fact that I have 17 pounds of apples to figure out how to use in the next week or so, here are some ideas on how to incorporate apples into your events – whether you are planning a fall dinner party, a fall wedding, or a full-blown Oktoberfest extravaganza.

If you are hosting a fall themed event at home, or your event or wedding is more casual or rustic, this apple and candle decor is a great idea. It’s very easy to do on your own – I love how this bucket is already a bit distressed, but you could also use a waterproof wooden bucket, or really any vessel.  Photo via Sugar Pie Farmhouse:

apple & candle bucket decor

Apples make great escort cards for weddings, or place cards for dinner parties. I think the key is to have a cute tag – this one is cut to look like a leaf, other ideas include using burlap or twine. Photo via Bridal Guide:

apple escort cards apple place cards

I like caramel apples (or candy apples) as a favor, especially if it’s pre-wrapped to take home, because let’s be honest, a caramel apple isn’t exactly something you want to eat while dressed in your finest. You could also do this as place cards at a smaller party. Photo via Scheme Events:

caramel apple favor

Apples make great decor – this particular example is DIY friendly. You could put anything in the vase with the apples. I like the idea of keeping the apple color and variety consistent throughout. Bonus points for making the apple candles. Photo and DIY apple candle instructions via

DIY apple centerpieces

I love this centerpiece idea – the flowers on top in the same color family bring it all together and the twine around the vase really make it look rustic (you could swap out the twine for satin ribbon for a totally different look – or go sans ribbon entirely!).  I think this works well for a wedding or gala centerpiece, or is easily DIY-able for a more low key event. Love this! Photo via Ciao Newport Beach:

Apple wedding centerpiece

In terms of actually serving apples at your event, the possibilities are really endless – pies, cakes, signature cocktails, etc. I love this caramel apple dipping bar but I would do apple slices rather than whole apples. First of all, those twigs don’t look sturdy enough to actually hold hte apples. Secondly, caramel or candy apples are difficult to eat (see the favor above) so slices might be easier for your guests and less messy. Just be sure to use some lemon juice on the apple slices so they don’t brown! But you can go wild with all sorts of toppings – different crushed nuts, sprinkles, candy, etc.  Photo via Bridal Guide:

caramel apple bar

Those are just a few ideas – the possibilities are really endless. Do you have suggestions on how to incorporate apples into your events?

Top photo via RockNRoll Bride


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