spooky, elegant halloween themed tables for weddings and events

elegant spooky halloween table

Some people really love Halloween. For me it usually depends on when the holiday falls – Friday night? OK I’ll play along. Wednesday night? Nah . Also, my husband and I still live in an apartment (although not for long – our house should be ready for us to move in in November!) and there just aren’t as many trick or treaters who go door to door in a huge apartment complex, so I don’t even have that aspect of halloween to look forward to!

But for those who really love Halloween and are planning an October wedding (or perhaps just a fancy dinner party or masquerade ball), you can really go all out with the Halloween theme. This theme usually manifests in the super kitschy (or uber Twilight-esque) but it doesn’t have to be! I think if I were to host something Halloween-ish, I would go for the more elegant but still spooky, haunted mansion type of decor. This means playing with the lighting, going for dramatic colors (not necessarily orange and black!), and more of a Victorian, old-fashioned feel. Here are some ideas – no fake spiderwebs necessary!

The (mostly) bare branches and the pillar candles instantly evoke Halloween to me with this one. The color palette isn’t as dark as the others – in fact, the lavender and black linen can easily be made to look bright and cheerful rather than somber, but it still works. Photo via Corinthian Events:

spooky elegant halloween tables

This also isn’t necessarily very dark, but it still works. The black linens coupled with the dark branches make it little spooky. I would have gone for slightly darker plum flowers, rather than lavender, but it still works. Also it looks like the house lights are up in this photo, dimming them would increase the effect of the decor. Photo via She Walks Softly:

spooky elegant halloween tables

The table itself isn’t quite so spooky, but I love the lanterns and the exposed beams in the ceiling. The tapered candles on the table give an old-fashioned vibe – if they had swapped the white linens for a darker color, I think this could be perfect for Halloween! Photo via Expelliarmus:

spooky elegant halloween tables

This one is a little less subtle, but still elegant and not over the top. The centerpiece is chilling, yet still glamorous with the crystals, feathers and butterflies. Photo via VP On Sale:

spooky elegant halloween tables

Finally, if you want to go all out, but still in a spooky, elegant, haunted mansion sort of way, this is your inspiration. This is from a Sleepy Hollow inspired wedding designed by Maya Kalman of SWANK Productions. The uplighting is spooky, the centerpieces are perfect. It helps that this was held at Hempstead House, a historic estate that probably has ghost stories in its repertoire. The dark goblets are a great effect as well. The only thing I don’t love is the branch patterned chair covers, but everything else is stunning!

spooky elegant halloween tables

Those are just a few quick ideas if you are hosting a Halloween themed event. Halloween doesn’t have to be kitschy!

Bonus photo – here is the last time that my husband and I dressed up for Halloween:

halloween couple

Share your halloween ideas in the comments!


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