when your meeting is a small fish in a big pond

when your meeting is a small fish in a big pond

Sometimes you’re a small fish in a big pond, or at least, your meeting or event is. Depending on where you are hosting your meeting and what else is going on in that venue, there are bound to be times when your event isn’t getting the priority treatment because there is something else going on that is bigger, more complicated, more important, more expensive, or maybe a more valued client.

Hotels like to tell you that each and every meeting is important to them but I can understand that everyone needs to make tradeoffs – it’s the ugly truth, sometimes you become the small fish and the big fish gets all the attention.

What do I mean by not getting priority treatment? It’s the small things – your CSM or other hotel contact is MIA, perhaps you see her once and then never again. Your banquet captains don’t take the time to introduce themselves. Little things (that are on the BEOs!) fall through the cracks and you have to follow up. You can’t find the right person to ask for small changes. When you ask for something, you have to ask a few times before you get what you need.

Oh did I call that priority treatment? I really just meant – being treated like a valued client.

So if this happens to you, what do you do about it? You do your job. You make sure your meeting or event goes off without a hitch. You follow up if you need to.  You are always, always, always polite – even if you’re asking for something for the fourth or fifth time. You never let it be known to your guests that anything is wrong. You never throw the hotel under the bus to your guests (they are your partner after all).

And where appropriate, share your feedback with the hotel. Make sure you are documenting your notes and any feedback from guests into any sort of after action reports that you compile. Remember this when it comes time to book at this property again.

When you have the opposite scenario happen – you are a small fish in a big pond but the hotel doesn’t treat you as such, make sure you share that feedback with the hotel, and all of your colleagues. Those are the best hotels to work with.

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