the shoe problem

the shoe problem for event planners

Event planners spend a lot of time on their feet. Not as much as mail carriers or nurses, but more than most office employees. You would think that most event planners were smart enough to wear comfortable shoes.

Here’s the catch – event planners are (now this is a gross generalization) overall a pretty stylish bunch. Seriously – when I spend time with event planners en masse, I’m always impressed with how put together we all look. And my team is particularly stylish. But I suppose that makes sense – if our events are well designed, so should our outfits.

And let’s be honest – comfortable shoes are usually not very cute.

True confession: I once attended a conference and noticed that the event planners were wearing cozy looking clogs. With their suits! And I was a bit judgy. But I bet they were comfortable.

Some planners swear by flats, but personally I don’t find flats to be that comfortable. I also find that I have better posture in heels, even low ones.

I am on a continual quest for cute and comfortable heels that I can wear for hours without my feet aching. I once had a pair of nude peep toe heels that were near perfect – they almost never bothered my feet. I had them repaired multiple times because the comfort level was worth further investment. Then one day the heel broke and they were irreparable.  I was devastated. I even hummed taps as I placed them gingerly in the garbage can.

My next plan was to buy wedges. I have some espadrille sandals that are very comfortable, ergo, wedges might be the way to go. But after trying to find a pair of professional looking wedges I came to the conclusion that I just don’t like them. I think they’re ugly. No offense if you are rocking wedges, but they just aren’t for me.

So my search continues. For any planners out there – what shoes do you wear for executing events? I need suggestions.

While I would definitely file this under #plannerproblems , I’m not the only planner thinking of this!

Note – the top photo is a Halogen Suite from Nordstrom. But the woman in the photo is definitely not a planner – she’s not carrying anything!


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