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library of congress in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

It’s been pretty busy over here lately, not least of all because of an exciting event I’m working on at a pretty exciting place – the Library of Congress. I am going to get to cross an item off of my event planner bucket list with this one, as the library is an absolutely amazing place and it is so exciting to host an event there!

Here are a few photos of the beautiful historic Jefferson Building. This is what most people think of when discussing the Library of Congress, but there are actually two other buildings on the campus that together comprise the library.

library of congress in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

library of congress in washington dc | amanda jayne events blog

The library itself is the largest in the world. It was founded in 1800 and is America’s oldest cultural institution, so it’s a very special place. It’s also right on Capitol Hill, one of the best locations in all of Washington, DC.

I’ll share more photos after the event so you can see what it looks like to host an event at the library. It’s so exciting to be able to host an event there – there is a lengthy application process to even be considered, and no social events of any kind are allowed (sorry ladies, you can’t get married there!).

Also, I’m a huge history nerd AND library nerd, so this is doubly special for me. I was a history major in college and I worked in my hometown’s local library for six years in high school and summers during college.

Stay tuned! In the meantime, the Library has a lot of information on their website about hosting events.  If you are considering this site for your own event, feel free to contact me and I can give you some advice. Of course you can also hire me to help you – no pressure though!

What other venues are on YOUR event bucket list – either to plan or attend?


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