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brunch ideas | amanda jayne events blog

Every Friday I start thinking about brunch. Ok, let’s be honest – I think about brunch all the time, not just on the eve of weekend mornings. Like many in DC and other urban areas, I’m obsessed with brunch. I love it. I love breakfast food, I ADORE mimosas, and nothing beats a Sunday afternoon that started with brunch with friends.

What’s better than that? Hosting your OWN brunch! I love hosting brunch as well. Even though it’s a ton more work than meeting friends at one of the many local restaurants that offer bottomless mimosas, hosting brunch is a blast. I’m even already planning a new year’s eve party followed by brunch the next day (and to be honest, I’m most excited about brunch.)

Here are some fun brunch ideas. These would be great for bridal or baby showers, post-wedding brunches, or any other occasion. Brunch on!

This waffle bar is pretty amazing. This was done for a birthday party, but it could work for any event – even dessert at a dinner party. I love the idea of using butcher paper to label everything – it’s fun and relaxed. Photo via Veronica Yem:

brunch ideas | amanda jayne events blog

For a sit-down brunch, I love the idea of including a customized crossword puzzle. It’s a great ice breaker if your guests don’t know each other, too. This would be really fun for baby or bridal showers. Photo via Martha Stewart Weddings:

brunch ideas | amanda jayne events blog

For an hors d’oeuvres style brunch, I love these mini french toasts in syrup. It’s a play on the grilled cheese triangle served with a shot of tomato soup which has gotten popular, but I like this even more.  You could also do this with waffles or pancakes. Photo via From Marriage to Motherhood:

brunch ideas | amanda jayne events blog

For an interactive element, what about cupcake fondu? Fondu is definitely not just for dinner or dessert, and I love the idea of mini cupcakes dipped in a warm frosting. Photo via Oh Cupcake:

brunch ideas | amanda jayne events blog

Gourmet doughnuts are making a come back right now (I feel like fancy doughnuts in flavors like ‘bourbon chocolate’ or ‘bacon walnut’ are popping up on menus around here), but I’ve always preferred doughnut holes, personally. Which makes this doughnut hole wedding cake the best thing I’ve ever seen and I’m jealous that we didn’t think of it first! This was done by a baker, but you could absolutely DIY this on a smaller scale with a ton of toothpicks. Photo by Caitlin Gerres Photography via Capitol Romance:

brunch ideas | amanda jayne events blog

Coffee is a good thing to provide at brunch, but I love the idea of giving it a little flair, like this ‘kick it up with rock sugar and Kahlua’ display. Photo via Hostess with the Mostess:

brunch ideas | amanda jayne events blog

Finally – the one part of brunch that is basically non-negotiable: mimosas. Now, for all of you who prefer a bloody mary, you can replicate this concept for that drink as well, but I love the idea of a mimosa bar, with several different juices, some fruit, and if you really want to get fancy, you can offer some additional liquor, such as Grand Marnier or Cointreau. I even love the sign here: Champagne is the Answer. Yes, yes it is! Photo via Tutto Bella:

brunch ideas | amanda jayne events blog

Those are just a few ideas – do you love brunch as much as I do? What are your suggestions?

Top photo via Bread in 5


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