colorado convention center


I recently attended a meeting at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver (see my site report on the Hyatt Regency, where I stayed). As far as convention centers go, this one had a fair amount of character – with a big blue bear to boot!

Convention centers can be ugly monsters. They are built to be utilitarian and flexible, not necessarily pretty. But the Colorado Convention Center seemed modern (almost too modern with some of the abstract sculptures displayed) and functional.

It was also one of the easier convention centers to get around – the signage was clear, they had digital readerboards with a ‘you are here’ button on a map, and the greeters were actually friendly (in my experience, convention center staff greeters are usually not friendly).

denver 017

denver 018

denver 021

denver 024

denver 026

denver 028

The food from the in-house caterer was decent for convention center food made on a mass scale. One standout meal was the plated lunch on the second day of the conference. The roasted chicken was one of the best banquet pieces of chicken I’ve ever had – it was perfectly done, moist and had a nice flavor. Well done!

The one part of the convention center I explored that was a little odd was the 200 wing. The decor was a bit more dated in these rooms. Perhaps it was an older wing?

denver 030

Otherwise, I thought the Colorado Convention Center was a pleasant, mostly modern facility that was practical and functional for large meetings.

And if you’re curious about the big blue bear, which is a sculpture called “I See What You Mean,” you can read about the backstory here .


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