i love outdoor events… but i hate bugs!


In honor of the 4th of July this week and all the requisite barbeques to be hosted, instead of posting just another blog on “fun red, white and blue ____ for your BBQ!” I decided to tackle an important topic that no one wants to talk about: bugs.

Because guess what? They are the uninvited guests that show up at just about every outdoor fete and almost always eat me alive. But this isn’t just about me, it’s about making your party more enjoyable by preventing your guests from being feasted upon by mosquitoes or whatever else is stopping by.

Here are some easy ways to keep the pests away from your pot-luck (or any other event):

Get rid of any standing water

This sounds obvious, but if it has recently rained you might not realize that the tiny puddle in the corner of your yard is responsible for bringing in the bugs. Also check any items that stay outside, like flower pots, crevices of furniture, etc.

Bring out a fan

A small fan by the buffet can help keep flying bugs away AND creates a pleasant breeze for your guests!

Light the tiki torches

I really like tiki torches because of the fun vibe they create at outdoor parties, but the citronella variety help keep bugs away. Post them around the perimeter of your event space. Just be careful with the whole open flame thing.


This is not what our yard looks like, but it’s what I imagine it looks like when we light tiki torches. Photo via Style Me Pretty.

Light other candles

Smoke repels mosquitoes and flies, so if you don’t love the scent of citronella a regular candle can help.

Trim your lawn (before the event of course)

Bugs are more likely to hang out in tall grass and weeds, so give your lawn a trim before the event.

Buy a (food) tent

Cover up your food with a decorative (or plain) mesh food tent – available in plenty of sizes.


This adorable mesh food tent is from Seventh Avenue.


Provide bug spray

Stick some bottles or cans of OFF or another version of bug spray in a cute pail for guests to use throughout the event. Even better, provide insect repellent towelettes instead – less messy!

Grow your own bug spray

Certain plants, such as marigolds and lemongrass, are a natural insect repellent.

Those are some of my tips on keeping the bugs at bay. What are your suggestions?

And while you’re at it – don’t forget about a rain plan!


Top photo via Peak Events.


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