favors, gift bags & swag… oh my!

Everyone loves free stuff – whether it’s a gift bag at the end of an event, a swag bag at a conference, or a favor at the end of the wedding.  Right?

Actually – not everyone loves free stuff because just about every event has leftover favors, gift bags or swag. It’s most likely costing money to provide some sort of parting gift so it’s disheartening when there are unwanted leftovers.  

My rules? I prefer favors (whether I’m giving them or receiving them) to be either AWESOME or consumable (edible or – depending on your crowd – drinkable).  

Of course you need to take into consideration why you are giving your guests something to take home in the first place. Is it to leave a lasting impression? Is it to get something branded with your logo into their hands?

Personally, the most awesome thing I got in a conference swag bag was a solar powered extra battery for a cell phone or iPad. It’s branded by the company that provided, but it’s also useful and something I’d probably never buy for myself.

Here are some interesting ideas from around the interwebs for favor ideas. Most of these look like they’re from weddings, but they could work for any event:


Homemade jams with a custom label for your wedding or event – tasty and useful. If you’re looking for a homemade jam provider, you should check out my friend Maggie and her shop Jams by Mags – and she does weddings!


A pitcher with a custom design and a treat inside – again, tasty and useful. I’m probably the only person in the world who collects pitchers so this one is probably super exciting to me and no one else, but I would definitely be excited to get this.

Photo via  What's Baking in the Barbershop

How about beer? Better yet, how about homebrew beer  with a cute custom label for your event. Depending on your crowd that might be a perfect fit.

What are some or the best (or worst) things you’ve received as favors? Share in the comments!


Photo credits:  Jam – Photo by La Vie Photography, via June Bug Weddings | Pitcher – Photo via Australia Entertains | Beer – Photo via What’s Baking in the Barbershop


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