site report – the hyatt regency orlando sleeping rooms and amenities (formerly the peabody orlando)

Editors note: This hotel became a Hyatt Regency in November 2013. This post was current when it was published and reflects the service and amenities as a Peabody Hotel, not a Hyatt Regency.


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The sleeping rooms at the Peabody Orlando are very nice and there is a TV in the bathroom mirror. In. The. Bathroom. Mirror.

I was in a double room (two double beds) and it was plenty spacious for just me. Had my husband been with me it would have been fine for the two of us. If we had more people with us it might have been a bit crowded.

The beds were super comfortable – comfy enough that I didn’t want to get out of bed for the conference I was attending.

The bathroom though – that’s the main event. Like I may have mentioned earlier – there is a TV in the mirror! I’m not sure why I find this so exciting because I didn’t even really watch it, but I was excited that it existed.

My only complaint about the bathroom is the towels are stored under the sink and the only towel rack is over the bathtub which seems awkwardly placed. Otherwise the bathroom was perfectly functional. They even provided a digital scale which I made sure to nudge under the sink just in case I accidentally stepped on it – we wouldn’t want THAT happening!

Everything was very nice and obviously renovated fairly recently. My room overlooked the tennis courts and a swamp. Allegedly you could see gators sunning themselves in the swamp but since the sun didn’t really come out during my stay, I didn’t get to see any.

The hotel has several restaurants and room service. You get two bottles of water per room per day as part of the resort fee (thank goodness because I’m trying to drink more water but I’m too cheap to buy it). I didn’t get to try most of the restaurants since I was eating banquet food with the conference, but I did try the B-Line Diner’s quick service window because I wanted something quick when I arrived. The quick service menu is fairly limited but my caesar salad was ok.

The hotel also has an incredible pool complex. I was there for business so I didn’t try out the pool (actually I didn’t try out the pool because it rained just about the whole trip) but I did manage to snap some pictures when the sun briefly came out the day I left.

There is also a spa and a fitness center. The fitness center offers classes for a nominal fee – I was pretty excited about this as I was packing for my trip but then I didn’t get my butt out of bed early enough to take advantage. But if you find yourself at the Peabody, you should totally try the classes out and let me know how they are!

All in all, a great hotel, a comfortable room. Depending on when you go, the price can range wildly. Since it does a lot of meetings business, most groups get a discounted stay. The room rate for the conference I attended was $120/night which was VERY reasonable given the quality of the resort.

Have you been to The Peabody? What did you think?


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